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About Ohio Expungement

by Greg Mathews

Ohio Expungement Attorney, Greg Mathews Ohio Expungement Attorney, Greg Mathews (Ohio Supreme Court #0039632) has been in private practice in Central Ohio since 1988.  As a former prosecutor for the City of Columbus, a former special prosecutor in the City of Columbus and now serving as a criminal defense lawyer, Greg has represented hundreds of people charged with criminal offenses.  Greg finds that most people are simply everyday people who have made a mistake, or who had a problem with drugs or alcohol that lead them to make a bad decision.

Shortly after the attack of 9/11, Greg noticed an increase in the number of clients who were experiencing problems with their prior convictions as background checks became more routine and commonplace.  Greg believes that a person who has made a mistake in the past should not pay for it the rest of their life.  A simple criminal conviction should not destroy one’s life or limit their future opportunities, so Greg founded , a practice dedicated to sealing criminal records, also known as expungement.

25yearsGreg has been practicing law in Columbus, Ohio for over 25 years.  He has represented clients charged with offenses ranging from minor offenses to very serious criminal charges.  Greg has represented Ohio expungement clients from all over the State of Ohio.  Being a former prosecutor and now serving as a defense lawyer, Greg is able to draw upon his background from both sides of the criminal justice system.  He is an active partner with Fusco,Mackey, Mathews & Gill LLP, a member of the National Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, The Ohio State Bar Association, the Columbus, Ohio Bar Association, and the Ohio Association for Justice.

Greg’s clients are not viewed simply as “defendants,” in an impersonal and uncaring criminal justice system.  Rather, Greg respects his clients as individuals with their own lives, families, and jobs.

Contact Greg and his expungement team today to begin the process of evaluating your unique situation and for expungement.