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Our Ohio law firm has been in business and located in central Ohio since 1988. We are not an out of state law firm. We know Ohio laws related to Sealing of Criminal Record and Expungement. As trial attorneys and former prosecutors, we have the knowledge and experience to have your criminal record sealed. We handle expungement and record sealing cases in all 88 counties of Ohio.

Client Spotlight

We represented a client who wanted to expunge a 5th degree felony from his past. After an immediate denial from the trial court, our team went to work filing an expungement appeal of the ruling in the Ohio Court of Appeals. Not only did we win the appeal, but we were able to secure an expungement, allowing our client to go back to school to further his career.  See more great stories like this one in our Client Testimonials.

Recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling, affecting Ohio Expungement requirements

The Ohio Supreme Court reviewed a case where the State challenged whether the defendant was required to complete restitution requirements to be eligible. Learn more about the ruling and how it affects expungement eligibility requirements in Ohio.

Expungement Laws Changing again on September 19, 2014

The Ohio Legislature passed an amendment that expands the qualifications for obtaining an expungement, also known as sealing of a criminal record. Governor Kasich signed the bill, and OH SB143 went into effect on September 19th, 2014. If you’ve been turned down for an expungement in the past, this new legislation may clear legal hurdles that prevented your previous application.

Read more about this exciting development for record expungement in Ohio.

What is an Expungement?

In Ohio, the defintion of expungement is a legal process in court which allows you to have all public records of a prior criminal conviction cleared and your court file sealed. An expungement causes the criminal record to considered as if it never occurred.

Criminal Record Expungement is our Emphasis

We know Ohio expungement law. We have helped hundreds of people obtain a sealing and expungement of their specific criminal records. This is not just a sideline to our law practice. Rather, we are an Ohio Law Firm with a special emphasis in expungement and sealing of records. Our expungement fees are fair and competitive.  As former prosecutors and serving as criminal defense attorneys, we have the knowledge to make your expungement successful.

Talk to our Ohio expungement lawyers about your case up front

We will not ask for your credit card information online before we know whether we can help you.

We handle Expungement cases in all of Ohio’s 88 counties

In many cases, we are able to appear on behalf of our clients, and our clients do not have to personally appear for a hearing. The procedure takes from 30 days to 3 months (sometimes longer) depending on the court and the complexity of the case. When an expungement is granted, and you are asked questions about criminal convictions, you can honestly answer “no” in many circumstances.

Don’t let Criminal Convictions be a permanent scar of your past

Criminal records are not automatically expunged with the passage of time.  The only way to remove them is through the legal action of expungement and sealing of the record.

Dismissed Charges Can Be Expunged and Sealed

Even if your criminal charges were dismissed or you were found not guilty of the charge, the record of your arrest and the charges filed against you are still available for inspection for the public. An expungement of dismissed cases can remove the cloud of suspicion resulting from these records.

Not all Criminal cases can be Expunged

There are some limits of to relief that Expungement can provide. We maintain an extensive database containing information about what can and cannot be expunged by statute. If you are interested in expunging your criminal record, we encourage you complete our CONFIDENTIAL FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. Just click on our Fee Consult tab or Click the Red Box with the question, “Am I Eligible.” We will review your case and contact you within 24 hours to advise you and explain the process involved in completing the expungement.

+ Disclaimer – We only accept cases where the criminal record occurred in Ohio State Courts.