Firearm Expungement | Learn How To Expunge a Firearm Offense in Ohio

Firearm Expungement

Firearm Expungement

Firearm Expungement

Expunge Your Firearm Conviction

If you have a criminal firearm conviction related to Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle (Ohio Revised Code 2923.16), even though you have a valid Ohio Concealed Carry License, then we have good news for you. In 2011, a new section was added to Ohio Expungement statute that removes barriers to obtaining an expungement of your past criminal record. If you were convicted of one of the following:

  • Prior to 2011, carrying a firearm in your motor vehicle improperly resulted in a felony of the fifth degree.
  • Prior to 2011 you were prohibited from having any physical contact with a loaded hand gun while operating a vehicle.
  • You also had to secure the gun in a holster or an enclosed case or box that was in plain sight or in a locked console/glove compartment.

Failure to follow these requirements resulted in a criminal charge/conviction for many people that became a public record, easily available to employers, banks, schools, etc. …

The changes to Ohio law allow for expungement for a criminal record for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. An expungement attorney can help you navigate the requirements and exceptions to this statue.  It is well worth your time to inquire if you are eligible to obtain an expungement of your firearm related conviction.

A criminal record can keep you from obtaining gainful employment or advancing in your current job. Put the past behind you and contact us for a free consultation to clear your criminal record.

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