The Importance of Expunging a Disorderly Conduct Conviction

Expunging a Disorderly Conduct Conviction

Why Expunge and Seal a Disorderly Conduct Conviction in Ohio

Ohio Expungement and Sealing Attorney Explains

Some people mistakenly believe it is not necessary to expunge a charge of Disorderly Conduct. Disorderly Conduct may not seem serious since it is either a misdemeanor of the 4th degree, or minor misdemeanor offense, depending on the type of conduct involved.

Although a low level offense in Ohio, many people underestimate the long-term consequences of these charges. Having a conviction for a Disorderly Conduct creates a permanent criminal record that is easily available through on-line public records.  As a result, anyone with an internet connection can find this conviction with a few clicks of a mouse.  Also, people are shocked to learn later that having a Disorderly Conduct conviction can raise red flags on background checks.

Plea Bargain for Disorderly Conduct

The negative consequences of a Disorderly Conduct conviction are worse when the conviction was a reduction from a more serious charge as part of a plea bargain.  Plea bargains are common practice in criminal courts.  A person may be charged with a serious offense, such as, Domestic Violence, Assault, Theft, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction of Justice, Arson, etc…  During the case, the prosecutor may realize the police over-charged the offense, or they can’t prove the charge, and they make a plea bargain to reduce the original charge to Disorderly Conduct to resolve the case by agreement without a trial.  The charge of Disorderly Conduct is frequently used to resolve cases in municipal courts, mayor’s courts, or county courts. It sounds like a good deal to the person charged because it is a low level offense and typically is punished by a fine only.

BEWARE.  In these types of plea bargains, the public record of the case will still disclose the original serious charge that was filed, and show that it was reduced to a Disorderly Conduct Conviction.  Unfortunately, when someone such as an employer, rental agency, school admissions… reviews the background check, the original serious charge stands out and can create a cloud of doubt that may affect their decision whether to hire you, rent to you, or admit you to college. Expungement and Sealing removes the entire record of the case, including the more serious original charge filed against you.

Expungement and Sealing of Record for Disorderly Conduct can provide you a fresh start and put your past behind you. By expunging or sealing a criminal record for Disorderly Conduct, the official court information about the your case will be removed from the public records and the court file sealed, and with some limited exceptions, your criminal record will not be available to employers and other agencies that inquire into your background. Regardless of whether your Disorderly Conduct is a misdemeanor or minor misdemeanor, it is best to have the record cleared and the court file sealed to avoid any embarrassing disclosures related to: employment; housing; education; financing; or professional licensing.

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