We Offer a Money Back Guarantee If We Are Not Able to Win Your Case

Money Back Guarantee

Expungement / Sealing Money Back Guarantee

…Little to lose and much to gain

Clients have trusted our firm to expunge and seal their Ohio convictions for the last 25+ years. Our
expungement practice is based on the principles of judicial grace that has been established by Ohio
expungement statute (O.R.C. 2953.31 et. seq.) and case law from Ohio courts. If you are eligible
and we take your case, we are confident that we will win your expungement. If we are not
successful in clearing your record, we will refund your attorney fees as part of our Money Back

Our team has represented clients throughout Ohio for over 25 years. We have seen Ohio Expungement law expand so now more people and more offenses are eligible for expungement and sealing. If you were denied and expungement before, you may be eligible now. We have handled about every type of case, including complicated cases that other law firms have turned away. Our resume is full of satisfied clients who have trusted us and retained us to represent them.

But if our resume of clients isn’t proof enough, we   offer our services with a guarantee. By offering a Money Back Guarantee, you can be confident that if we take your case, we will draw from our years of experience, knowledge, and relationships we’ve developed with judges and prosecutors all over Ohio to win your case.

To get started, see if your conviction is eligible for expungement with our Free Online Consultation.

You can trust our firm to handle your legal matters

*How our Money Back Guarantee works:  First, our contract and fees are straight-forward with no hidden fees.  We have an excellent track record of victory but if we are not successful in expunging or sealing your record, we will refund your attorney fees.  We put our promise of our Money Back Guarantee in writing, so you have little to lose but everything to gain by working with our law firm. We provide the highest quality of legal work and add value to the lives of each of our clients.  The Money Back Guarantee does not apply to court filing fees and the Client is required to cooperate with the attorney during the case.