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Record Expungement Services & Fees

If you have a criminal record, how much will it cost you not to have an expungement in loss of opportunities, jobs, or advances? Based on the clients we’ve helped in the past 15+ years, the expungement fees they paid are a fraction of the opportunity cost lost while living with a criminal record.

Our Usual Fees (Fees may vary depending on the county and case):

  • FREE Initial Attorney consultation to determine eligibility for expungement.
  • Investigation fees are usually $50.00 if you don’t know your case information. If you hire us to expunge your record, this is credited toward your fee.
Misdemeanor Expungements:
Felony Record Expungements:
starting at $450
starting at $650

Court Filing Fees: Filing fees for most counties in Ohio range from $50 – $125.

The more you know about your case, the faster we can move to having your criminal record expunged. If you know your case number, date of conviction, and the charge or code violation, this information will help us prepare your case.

+ Please be advised that these fees are estimates only. We will need specific information about your case before we can quote an exact fee. These costs are for illustration only, and are not intended to constitute a contract or offer of employment services in your case.