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Expungement Testimonials

Ohio Expungement Testimonials

Multiple Convictions Expunged! New Lease on Life!

Imagine waking up knowing that the past convictions will no longer haunt your future. That's exactly how I wake up now every day, thanks to Attorney Greg Mathews and his Paralegal Marcus.

I had 2 convictions (1 Felony and 1 Misdemeanor). Before the Ohio law changed, I wasn't eligible to expunge either of them, because of having the 2 convictions and the only option was a governor's pardon to get them off my record, what were the chances of that happening?

Years later, I did research and found out the law had changed which made me eligible to get them both expunged. I knew immediately I wanted to hire the best firm to represent me in these cases and didn't want to go through the process alone. I did consult with other law firms before finding Attorney Mathews at OhioExpungementLaw.com. I knew immediately I wanted to work with his firm after realizing this is their specialty. I didn't want to go with a firm that only does a few expungement cases here and there. It would be like going to a dentist for a root canal but the dentist only performed 2 of them in their career (Not Happening!) Expungement and sealing of criminal records is Attorney Mathews focus and has a proven track record in helping many people release a fresh start in their lives, just as it's doing for me now.

I'm truly grateful in the level of professionalism, attention and care they took with me. They were there to answer any questions I had, and they thoroughly explained the whole process and what to expect. They made it a rather quick process to handle both cases and were able to get them both expunged!

Oh and one more thing, I was able to do this from another state, because of Attorney Mathews process, made it possible for me not have to travel back to Ohio for the court appearance. It saved me money, time and stress.

Look no further, this is the firm you need to hire to handle your expungement case.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me, thank you again, I really appreciate it! I now have a clean record and a new lease on life!


Thank you for giving me a chance...

For the better part of 9 years, I agonized over the worst decision of my life when I committed fraud. It cost me my career, my reputation, and hung over me like a constant cloud.

I had resolved myself to the fact that this was going to be with me the rest of my life. However, one day my fiancé and I were talking and wondered if "Expungement " was even a remote possibility. I started looking into a number of agencies and found that I was eligible to give it a shot. After investigating a number of law firms, I came across www.OhioExpungementLaw.com of the firm Fusco, Mackey, Matthews and Gill LLP. They were straight forward and honest through the entire process..... My case was heard January 2018 and my record was Expunged thanks to the tremendous job of this firm....There are not enough accolades I can hand out for the job they did!!

Thank you for giving me a chance at my life again!!



Almost Cost me a Job

I thought that because my conviction for underage possession happened close to ten years ago, when I was a teenager, the matter would be one that I could forget about forever. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. After beginning a career in investment banking, having the conviction on my record almost cost me a lucrative job offer and was a source of embarrassment during the interview process. I trusted www.OhioExpungementLaw.com of the law firm of Fusco, Mackey, Matthews & Gill, LLP help me to apply for an expungement in the Ohio court system. Not only was my record expungement approved in less than ninety days, the staff of FMM&G, in particular, Kay, Marcus, and attorney Mathews, all helped me to feel at ease about the complicated legal process. I would highly recommend www.OhioExpungementLaw.com to anyone else who has a situation similar to mine.


Help Every Step of the Way

I had a great experience with OhioExpungementLaw.com of the law firm of FUSCO, MACKEY, MATHEWS & GILL LLP. They helped me every step of the way throughout the expungement process. The court date was quick and easy and now my record is expunged.


I highly recommend Greg...

“I hired Greg Mathews at OhioExpungementLaw.com to represent me in my rather difficult expungement case. My case had been previously denied when represented through a different attorney. I would have to say, Greg is an exceptional attorney. He has fantastic court skills, integrity, compassion and makes you feel comfortable when speaking to him. Best of all, my expungement was granted! I highly recommend Greg if you are looking at a tough expungement case. ”


They Handled Everything

I could not be happier with the service I received from Attorney Mathews and his team at OhioExpungementLaw.com. They handled everything in a timely and efficient manner. They submitted all the forms and handled all the paperwork. They are extremely knowledgeable about the expungement process and I was very confident in their abilities. They never judged me, and they made me feel very at ease. I highly, highly recommend their services.


Everything was smooth and professional from beginning to end

I came across OhioExpungementLaw.com and the firm of Fusco, Mackey, Matthews & Gill LLP on the internet. I was looking for an experienced attorney to address the expungement of my case. I filled out the necessary information on the website and in less than a week I received a response back with all of the necessary paperwork to get started. I provided the information as requested and contacted the firm, they took my payment over the phone and got the process started. Everything was smooth and professional from beginning to end. I couldn’t believe the ease of process they had which tremendously helped me address the issue. Needless to say, the attorney successfully argued my case and got my record sealed. I will highly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking to seal their records.


I applied for expungement on my own...

I applied for expungement on my own a few years back for a felony drug possession charge in Common Pleas Court and not only was denied expungement but a judge sent me a letter back stating he found my request in great distaste and basically not to apply again. Attorney Gregory B. Mathews took my case and WON! He was professional, courteous, helpful and available throughout the entire process. His paralegal Kay returned all my phone calls/e-mails quickly, easing a lot of anxiety.

The fee was marginal compared with the number of employers that have rejected me for not passing a criminal background check, which all companies require now for new employment.

I highly recommend the team of OhioExpungementLaw.com (FUSCO, MACKEY, MATHEWS & GILL LLP) to represent anyone needing expungement or related matters.


They are great!

Everyone at OhioExpungementLaw.com was awesome... My lawyer Gregory Mathews and his paralegal Kay were great. Honestly they did everything. They were always there to answer my questions and wow did they do their job great! I'm finally free. And it's all because of them. I highly recommend them if you need an expungement lawyer. They are great!


The Odds Were Against Me....

I came to Greg Mathews at www.OhioExpungementLaw.com for an Expungement and Sealing for an 8 year old conviction. This was my only conviction. I chose him because of his background as a prosecutor. I presumed that he'd know his way around a courtroom and I was certainly right!

My case was not an easy one. In fact, the odds were against me but I was confident in Greg! He showed diligence and professionalism and I was reassured. His office staff was also very kind and efficient.

I now have my clean record back thanks to Greg Mathews and his staff. It's the most amazing feeling ever - very promising! I hold him to the highest regard.


Represented Me With My Best Interest in Mind

I hired attorney Gregory Mathews from www.ohioexpungementlaw.com for my expungement process. This firm moves quickly and professionally to work with you on your needs. They quickly gathered all of my information and represented me with my best interest in mind and won. I would highly recommend this group of professionals to anyone needing their services.


OhioExpungementLaw.com Did an Excellent Job

I had the honor of being represented by Attorney Mathews at OhioExpungementLaw.com and cannot express enough my sincere gratitude. Other lawyers told me I could not get an expungement of my case. My case was complicated and had risk, but after lengthy conversations and guidance with Attorney Mathews and his staff, I chose to move forward. They did an excellent job in preparing my case with no stones unturned. The Judge granted my expungement. I know for me it was the best decision I could have made to hire OhioExpungementLaw.com because this was necessary to secure my future plans.

I have no hesitation recommending them even if your case is difficult and seems like a long shot. I am very thankful I hired them.


OhioExpungementlaw.com helped free me

They are extremely professional and non-judgmental. They made it unbelievably painless and stress-free for me to obtain my expungement while I was out of state. They explain things in a manner that is easy to understand and give a thorough run down of what is going to happen. I was skeptical and nervous at first, but after the whole experience, I cannot say I would have found a better law firm. They make you feel comfortable and honestly want to help you get whatever it is off your record.


Thanks to attorney Gregory Mathews, and his team...

If you are reading this, you probably have been through some of the same experiences that I have. One thing we might have in common is that our general feeling about lawyers is that you can never really find one that truly cares about your position and is willing to go fight for your rights.

I am happy to be writing this today because I have found a lawyer who truly cares, Gregory Mathews, Esq. Through my experience, I found him to be trustworthy, good-hearted, a good listener, fair-priced, and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve your goal. I highly recommend Mr. Mathews. With his caring help and expertise, I obtained the expungement that I hired him for.

Much thanks to attorney Gregory Mathews, and his team at OhioExpungementLaw.com


Caring, Personable and Professional

I would like to address my experience with the law firm of Fusco, Mackey, Mathews, and Gill. I found the firm to be very caring, personable, and professional. I was provided with exceptional service, timely responses, and all legal matters were properly addressed. I recommend this firm and their highly capable staff for legal concerns.


...the best decision of my life

Attorney Greg Mathews is a determined attorney, achieving the best results for his clients! With his unwavering support, Attorney Mathews advocated for me and convinced the judge and prosecutor to expunge my record! Although the cost to hire Attorney Mathews was a lot more than the $50 court cost I paid years ago, the price that I paid him to represent me was unparalleled and worth every penny! Being able to start anew and the cost to restore my life-priceless! Hiring Attorney Mathews was the best decision of my life! Should you find yourself in need of an attorney who knows the law, as it pertains to expungement, you cannot find a better counsel who will advocate for you and will deliver superb results!


Thanks Greg & Team

I highly recommend attorney Greg for expungement/sealing cases, he is highly professional and helpful. I find that attorney Greg is not just effective but very organized, and he understands your problem and what you are going through and provide you the legal help you need. It is very important to seal your criminal convictions as it may have very adverse effect in job hiring/background check process but with attorney Greg's help this can be done professionally, I heartily thanks Greg and team for helping me.


Extremely Satisfied!

I want to say thanks to your firm for following thru with what you promised! I was a bit skeptical of the process at first. Many times when payment in full is made for services in advance, the sense of urgency that may exist prior to payment is not there. Your firm quickly and proactively assured me otherwise.

I was extremely satisfied with your continued follow up and the efforts made to keep me informed of where we were in the process. And of course, I am pleased with the result!

I would give a full endorsement to anyone who needed your firm's services.

Thank you so much!


Seamless Process with the help of www.ohioexpungementlaw.com

Almost 20 years ago, I made a horrible mistake, something that I would regret for years to come. But I discovered www.ohioexpungementlaw.com from an internet search.

Attorney Mathews and his paralegal, Sam, helped walk me through the whole expungement process, it was pretty seamless. Attorney Mathews even appeared on my behalf due to living out of state so I did not have to return to Ohio to complete the expungement process. Kudos go out to Sam the paralegal to Attorney Mathews for all of the emails that I sent and for answering multiple questions from me. They were able to get my case expunged for me and it is something that I feel repairs my name and allows me to move forward in my career! I would definitely recommend www.ohioexpungementlaw.com and the law firm Fusco, Mackey, Mathews & Gill!


Highly Recommend

Fusco, Mackey, Mathews & Gill were very professional and very responsive with my expungement case. Great service. Highly recommend them!


Definitely Worth It

Attorney Greg Matthews and his paralegal Sam are the best at what they do. I was from another state, but had made a mistake in Ohio years ago that was affecting my ability to pursue a new career. My case was met with stiff opposition, but Greg and Sam prepared a strong argument for my expungement. At the oral hearing both the prosecution and the judge ultimately ruled in my favor. Greg told me before the hearing that he hates to lose and was going to give it his all, and I can assure everyone that he means what he says. This is a great team and they possess a high understanding of the inner workings of Ohio expungement law. They are only a phone call away and are definitely worth talking to because it could open up new doors for your future.


Successful Expungement on a Difficult Case

I would just like to thank both Attorney Greg Mathews and paralegal Sam for all their help. My case was difficult to say the least but they went above and beyond the call to achieve the results I wanted. I would encourage anyone interested in sealing an old criminal record to contact them.

I never really believed I would be able to escape my past mistakes but Attorney Mathews was relentless and he convinced the Judge to give me another chance. Greg was honest with me about my odds and I always knew where I stood. There is no risk in contacting www.OhioExpungementLaw.com if your case has a low chance of success because they will tell you before taking your money. A criminal record can be a heavy weight to carry and if there is a chance to leave it behind I assure you it’s worth the risk.


Minor Mistake Now Cleared!

After a long time with the same company, I began to look for a new job and knew that a background check could hold me back due to a minor mistake I made years ago. The team at OhioExpungementLaw.com supported me at each step of the way and represented me during the expungement hearing because I live in another state. Thanks especially to Greg and Sam for your help!


Fast paste services, very pleased!

Sam, was very pleasant and informative. She was professional and treated me with respect. All my questions were answered very fast and timely manner. My records are sealed and am looking for a new beginning!!!!
I will recommend Fusco, Mackey, Mathews & Gill to anyone!


Very Pleased

I am very pleased with the assistance I received in submitting my expungement request. Although I have lived in another state for 9 years, the process was very timely and seamless without me having to return to Ohio to complete. Sarah, paralegal to Mr. Mathews, was very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thank you very much.



I worked with Gregory B. Mathews to get an expungement on two separate occasions, and he successfully secured an expungement both times. I now have clean slate, thanks to the skill and experience of FMM&G. From the beginning, the process was easy and any issues or questions I had were answered honestly. I was impressed with how seriously Gregory B. Mathews, Esq. researched and prepared for my somewhat challenging and unique case. His professionalism was evident in all phases. I couldn't be more pleased!


Professional, communicative and caring.

They provided top-notch service and made the entire process of expungement as painless as possible. I would recommend them to anyone.


Very Appreciative!

Please convey our thanks and appreciation to Attorney Matthews and I also thank you again for helping us with a situation that has crippled my husband for 50+ years. He is ecstatic and can't believed he is finally free!!!! We thank God for you and pray God's continued blessings on your lives!!!!!! You truly have made a difference in ours!!!!!!


Ohioexpungementlaw.com Provided Guidance and Support

I needed it to expunge my only record that happen many years ago (potential career limiting) and I wasn't sure how to go about doing this. But thanks to Attorney Mathews and Sam (paralegal) guidance it was a very easy process. They were also extremely nice and responsive every time we had a question.

Thank you very much for all of your help.


Thank you FMM&G

My criminal record was causing me serious trouble in trying to get gainful employment. All I could get was part time minimum wage jobs and would even get looked over by those once they did a background check. Thanks to help I received from FMM&G I can now move on with this black mark removed and finally get a decent career.


Very Pleased! Wonderful Service!

I am a legal professional whose entire life was almost ruined. This tragedy and arrest record have been looming in the back of my mind for years. I am a single mother and this could have ruined my career and my sons life!! I called and first spoke with Gregory B. Mathews, Esq., who was very attentive, professional and answered all of my questions. I retained his law firm to expunge this record.

Sam, Paralegal to Mr. Mathews immediately contacted me, requested the docs she needed from me, and expedited the entire process!! She even put me on a payment plan for the attorney/filing fees and costs. She has a wonderful and genuine helpful attitude, professional mannerism and she reflects such efficiency in her work that within 2 months my record was expunged! She emailed me the letter granting the Expungement. The record of that past nightmare that haunts me, ERASED!! Also, Sam sent requests to several background companies to delete my profile pic and arrest record from multiple mugshot websites!! That is a HUGE deal, as your mugshot is on every website around!!!

I would recommend Fusco, Mackey, Mathews & Gill, LLC to EVERYONE who needs to clean up the past so that they can move on with their future!! They are professional, do not judge, are very efficient and basically a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased of the outcome and the wonderful service they provided me in this matter.


Thank you sincerely for all of your hard work!

I was expecting a process much more time consuming and difficult. However, that was not my experience.
From the beginning everyone was professional, listened to my concerns & thoroughly explained each step. I never had to questions what was next. Their knowledge of expungement matters proved to be invaluable and left me confident that I had found the best team to represent my case. The effort, diligence and experience Greg and the entire firm demonstrated was truly unmatched!
They made an otherwise overwhelming experience simple and successful.


Respectful and Fast Service!

FMM&G treated me with respect. They answered any question I had, and did so extremely fast. Thanks to them, I feel like I have my bright future back. Thank you for everything.



I want to thank FMMG for assissting me through my expungement process, not only for that, but also for always being there to answer my questions even before I ask them. I am Happy because my expungement is granted and I am happier because the answers match the reality.


Given a Second Chance with Expungement

As the result of a youthful, uncharacteristic lapse in judgement, I was burdened for over a decade with the considerable encumbrance of a criminal record. Fusco, Mackey, Mathews and Gill is about giving some deserving people a second chance. An exquisite blend of professionalism coupled with legal expertise and high ethical standards, Attorney Mathews was able to navigate the complexities of the legal system affording me the opportunity to move forward and realise my full potential. Thank you, for the second chance.


Timely and Professional with ohioexpungementlaw.com

Fusco, Mackey, Mathews & Gill LLP helped me seal my records in a timely, professional manner. My records were sealed with minimal effort on my part; I did not have to appear in court. Additionally, there were no hidden costs. Thanks to them, I no longer have to worry about my past holding me back!


Extremely Professional & Courteous

Was hesitant about proceeding with the expungement process, but Mr. Mathews and Sam made the entire process simple and stress free! I just filled out a couple forms and they took care of everything else, and I wasn't just another case in the pile either. The entire team at The Law Firm of Fusco Mackey, Mathews & Gil LLP devoted time to my case, treated me with dignity and respect, and took time out of their schedule to answer all my questions. They also kept in constant contact throughout the expungement procedure to notify me how my case was going. Highly recommended, I have never met an attorney like Mr. Mathews and his team. Thank you again for everything!!


Great Experience with OhioExpungementLaw.com

I am very pleased with your service and I would recommend it to anyone.


Quick and Painless Expungement with OhioExpungementLaw.com

If you're reading these testimonials, then you're in the same place I was, the same place that everyone here was in before these amazing attorneys helped. Well look no further. You found them. Greg, Sam, and their whole team were amazing. They took something I wasn't sure how to do, nor had the time to figure out and process, especially living out of state, and handled it like champs. They made the whole process as quick and painless as it could possibly be for me, without ever having to travel back to Ohio. I cannot thank them enough nor give any higher recommendation.


Top Shelf Service!

I just want to say thanks for the personal attention and professional nature in which my expungement was handled. I am extremely grateful for the work you guys do. Top shelf all the way!!


Forever Grateful!!!

I am so happy to hear that my case has already removed from the online court records website! I no longer have to worry about it being the big black mark on my record. I will be forever grateful to you and your firm for helping me finally get my life back.


OhioExpungementLaw.com Helped Get my Son's Life Back

This is in regards to the services provided by Ohioexpungementlaw.com ("FMM&G") to expunge my son’s felony. We looked up information on line to expunge a felony record of a non-violent crime in Ohio. The Central Ohio legal team, provided information on the steps to take to apply for a record to be expunged. The firm responded within 24 hours with answers to questions my son and I had regarding the process. Sam the firms paralegal, kept contact throughout the process and let us know what to expect. Not only were emails exchanged, Sam called us at our convenience to clarify information we had submitted. The process took less than 3 months to complete. My son now has his life back to continue his career goal of becoming licensed in the electrical field. I am so grateful to FMM&G for helping us to overcome an obstacle my son had to bear for several years because of one poor choice. Our family will recommend FMM&G's legal services in the future.


Highly Recommend: Professional and Knowledgeable

The professionalism and vast knowledge of Greg and Sam helped me clear my record and get my life back on track. I highly recommend them for any expungement matter. They had me fill out a few forms to file with the court and they took care of the rest.



Just want everyone to know that Attorney Mathews, Sam, and the firm treated me with nothing but respect and dignity throughout this expungement process. Obviously the fact that I needed my record expunged at all was a very embarrassing part of my life. Your firm answered all my questions promptly and the whole process was quick and well worth it.
I would recommend your services to anyone needing legal assistance with expungement of a criminal record. You have given me my life back.



I found ohioexpungementlaw.com by doing a Google search. I was hesitant at first because I was unaware of the process. I researched Gregory Mathews and the firm and was feeling better about the process after doing so. These people exceeded my expectations. I was informed every step of the way and I'm on the road to getting my last conviction sealed. I would recommend this office for sure!



I am very happy with the service I have received from Fusco,Mackey, Mathews & Gill LLP. As a small business owner I always look for the best people to help me run my business. Greg Mathews and his paralegal Sam experience and professionalism have made this expungement stress free for me. I look forward to using their services with confidence in the future.


Totally and Wholeheartedly Recommend Ohioexpungementlaw.com

I am writing to review my experience with Fusco, Mackey, Matthews & Gill. I hired the firm to assist me with having a felony conviction expunged. I originally found the firm by doing a Google search. From the very beginning, the process was made super easy. I dealt with Sam, Paralegal to Attorney Greg Mathews, throughout the process. She was so very helpful. She explained the process in great detail and in a way that I could understand it. She was always so prompt in responding to questions. I never had to wait more than a day to hear back, and for the most part, it was within an hour. She was a true pleasure to work with.

The process was easy. I had some documentation to assemble, such as copies of diplomas, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. I live out of state. For my case, I didn't have to travel back to Ohio for a hearing. The decision was made on the pleading. The process went exactly as Sam explained, and along the timeline that she said. My conviction was expunged, which has been a life changing event in terms of my employment and peace of mind. I would totally and wholeheartedly recommend Fusco, Mackey, Matthews and Gill. They did an amazing job at a very reasonable cost.



I was extremely pleased with the services provided by Greg Mathews and his entire staff. My case was handled professionally and with thoroughness from my initial consultation till the end. Mr. Mathews' paralegal staff, Sam, was very helpful as well with detailed answers to my questions and with prompt responses. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone looking to retain a lawyer.


Seamless Process Thanks to Ohioexpungementlaw.com

Thank you so much Ohioexpungementlaw.com! Everything has been seamless with you guys. I have had a very difficult time in the past trying to rectify this situation. You and your team are awesome. I really appreciate your efforts.


Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Fusco, Mackey, Mathews & Gill for an expungement. The process was quick & they made it easy by walking you through the process. Im very thankful that my career is not hindered by a mistake I made when I was young. Thanks again.


Favorable Ruling Thanks to OhioExpungementLaw.com!

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Greg and his team at Fusco,Mackey, Matthew & Gill, LLP who have handled my expungement case with utmost sensitivity and care and ensured that I got a favorable ruling. Every step of the process was handled professionally and I am absolutely delighted with the prompt and transparent service. Thanks again.


Easy and Stress Free Experience

FMM&G made sealing my records an easy, stress free experience. I was out of state and they even appeared in court for me! When I had questions they quickly and politely provided answers. I am happy to say that thanks to FMM&G, I can now pursue jobs that I would otherwise be unable to.


I Would DEFINITELY Recommend Ohioexpungementlaw.com!

I could not have asked for this process to go smoother or to have a better result in my two expungement cases. I was most impressed with the responsiveness from Gregory Mathews’s office. Having worked with attorneys on the original case, I was under the impression that my calls and emails would not get returned (as was the case with my original attorney), However, Greg’s office was immediate in their responses and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Greg was prepared and timely on all of our court dates and exceeded my expectations concerning professionalism and knowledge. I would DEFINITELY recommend ohioexpungementlaw.com!


Highly Recommend ohioexpungementlaw.com

I wanted to send a sincere thanks for a job well done. The entire team at Fusco, Mackey, Mathews and Gill LLP were the best any client could ever hope for when choosing a law firm. From the initial contact, through the completion of my expungement, Mr. Mathews and Sam performed above my highest expectations. They are professional, courteous, and delivered a result in my favor. This was not an easy task, as I am out of state, and have moved frequently. The team assured me that they were up to the task, and made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. I cannot recommend this law firm any higher!!!!


I Would Encourage Anyone to Contact ohioexpungementlaw.com

Attorney Greg Mathews of www.ohioexpungementlaw.com handled my expungement and I'm so very pleased. I found his law firm online not really knowing how things work. Attorney Matthews and his assistant Sam took my case even though I live two hours away and walked me through step by step. They were understanding of my situation. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to have a mistake made completely erased. I'm very grateful and would encourage anyone in need of expungement to contact his law firm through their website www.ohioexpungementlaw.com.


Very Knowledgeable and Professional

What used to be the norm seems to be a thing of the past. I’m referring to getting what you pay for and a service provider who does what they say without issue. You get just that when you work with ohioexpungementlaw.com. I found the firm online. They were the first firm I called and I knew I didn’t need to surf the web any longer. On the same business day their office emailed me a detailed summary of pricing, steps, processes and the duration of the service I was requiring. I was very pleased with their timely and professional response. From that day forward, everything spelled out in the original summary was followed to the letter with the utmost promptness and professionalism. In short, what they said, they did and what they said it would cost is what it cost. No hidden charges or lack of knowledge on their part. Thank you again, ohioexpungmentlaw.com, for all of your efforts and hard work!


Thank you!

You all should feel great gratification for the work you have done because you have truly opened up many new doors for me. I can't thank you enough.


Successful Expungement of a Complex Case

I could go on and on about Greg but here is a little testimony.

When I first looked into expunging my record, I went to several different lawyers who turned me down. They were not experts in expunging had no confidence in their ability to help. When I sent an inquiry to Greg’s website, https://www.ohioexpungementlaw.com, he immediately took my case and made me feel like a citizen and not a criminal. My expungement took a couple of years*, but Greg never wavered or gave up, and continued to assured me he would stay with my case until it was resolved one way or another. Greg continued to pressure the court and finally he was able to get a court date. The judge reviewed all the briefs filed by Greg prior to our arrival at Court and granted the expungement without a hearing …which I was dreading. I could have not asked for a better outcome or better lawyer. I cannot thank Greg enough for getting my life back on track!

*This was an unusual amount of time for an expungement. It was due to the prosecutor’s objections and complex issues of the case.


Great Team to Work With

I would like to express my appreciation to Attorney Mathews and your staff for successfully addressing this matter. Working with your team has been effortless. This is a significant weight lifted off my shoulders and should facilitate advancing in my career field.


Very Professional Representation

I contacted this law firm when I wanted to get a charge that was dismissed expunged from my record. Mr. Mathews was the attorney assigned to me, and I felt he and his paralegal were very professional and did an excellent job handling my case. In fact, I wish I would have had Mr. Mathews as my attorney when the charge was brought against me. I would highly recommend him and his firm.


Multiple Conviction Expungement

I had multiple convictions involving felony and misdemeanor charges. I could not get a job with my record. Attorney Mathews represented me in two different counties to clear my criminal record. He prepared the cases well and gave the Judges Information and arguments to convince them to grant my expungement and sealing of my criminal records. I liked working with the attorneys and staff at ohioexpungementlaw.com I felt confident knowing I was working with an established law firm. They knew the law, they took time to answer my questions, and I could trust their advice. Thanks to Attorney Mathews and everyone at ohioexpungementlaw.com. I now have a good job and I feel much better about my future.


Thank You!

Thank you for all of the work you did for me I now can continue to move forward with my life and put that mistake behind me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Misdemeanor Record Expungement

I am so grateful to Attorney Mathews. I had a misdemeanor charge and a dismissed misdemeanor charge both of which he was able to have successfully expunged, one was even granted without going to court. I live out of state and everything was handled professionally and discreetly without me having to make the trip to Ohio. His paralegal Sam is wonderful, she is very knowledgeable and made the process easy and less stressful. I cannot thank both of them enough!!


Professional Expungement Team

Thank you so much everyone at ohioexpungementlaw.com. I really appreciate the professional help of the paralegals and attorneys. And again many thanks to Sam and Mr. Matthews for their representation in this case.


Recommend OhioExpungementLaw.com

I had filed for an expungement once before and the Judge turned me down. Later, I hired Mr. Mathews and we filed again. We went through a contested hearing in which the prosecutor strongly opposed my expungement and the Judge was critical. However, Attorney Mathews filed persuasive briefs with the court and made skillful arguments at the hearing. This time my expungement and sealing of the record was granted, and I owe it to Attorney Mathews knowledge of the law and aggressive representation. I am very glad I discovered ohioexpungementlaw.com. I recommend them to anyone considering having their criminal record sealed and expunged.


A Satisfied Client

Great firm to work with, they made sure I had a case before taking my retainer. They explained everything and were timely and very informative through the whole expungement process. Very satisfied - would recommend giving them a call.


Given a Second Chance

The prosecutor objected and filed a Motion opposing my expungement and sealing of record. My Attorney at ohioexpungementlaw.com fought for me and aggressively argued my case before the Court. We won and now I have a second chance to finish my college degree and pursue my career. Thank you ohioexpungementlaw.com.